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A 21st century Child

Your baby is very special and in more ways than one. She will live in a world of ever faster change and increasing complexity, a world that will reward self-reliance and confidence to adapt, to think logically and yet create innovation.

The new media such as the internet, DVD and CD ROM and interactive television will become the learning tools of the future.

But the skills of verbal interaction and the ability to build social relationships will become more important as the speed of communication increases.


What we offer at FIRST FUNdamentals Online are the first steps into this new world.  It is here at the very beginning, and over the next 6 years, that a child lays the pathways of the brain and builds an incredible 50% of brain capacity! And what can influence that capacity is whether the child has a secure, loving, stimulating environment.

Accelerated Learning Systems have produced a series of learning programmes that starts here with FIRST FUNdamentals Online - helping you and your child to create that environment through activities and stimulating ideas.